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Christmas trees are a big part of the holiday season. However, once it comes time to put the trees away, things can get messy and tiring. Thankfully, one Minnesota mom by the name of Renae Krivitz just made this task a whole lot easier for those who have plastic trees.

Like many mothers, her children are getting older and it is getting tougher to get them to help her out with the decorative process. So, she takes the path of least resistance. She wraps the entire tree, decorations and all, in plastic wrap – and puts it away just like that!

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In Krivitz’ mind, it’s the best way to streamline the process. After all, she has two kids and hardly has the time to take a shower, let alone undecorate a Christmas tree.

If you have a spacious basement or attic, this plan is a no brainer.

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But what happens when the kids decide they want to decorate next Christmas? Krivitz has a plan for that as well. While she plastic wraps her main Christmas tree, she has a smaller, back up tree for the kids to decorate if they’re feeling inspired.

This is one way to streamline the work so that there is less on the to-do list once the holidays are over. There is already so much to do as is! Thanks to Renae for offering up this time saver.

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