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A mother from Northern Ireland recently gave birth to a child who happens to be a dead ringer for Hollywood royalty. You may have already seen the photos in circulation before now. The child looks just like Woody Harrelson!

You might think that we are joking but once you see the photos for yourself, the resemblance is simply too hard to deny.

Photo: flickr/LBJ Library

Dani Grier Mulvenna posted photos of her daughter side by side with Harrelson on her Twitter account. This is where we first saw for ourselves how much they look alike. Of course, it did not take long before the post went viral.

In most cases, that probably would have been the end of it but this was not most cases! Just wait until you see what ended up happening next….

“Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harreslon,” she initially joked. Little did she know that the joke would one day make its way to Woody himself! His response to the viral tweet was priceless. He did not want to dispute this woman’s account. Instead, he seems to be in total agreement when it comes to this very important matter.

A re-post and a chuckle would have probably made everyone’s day but Woody decided that he was going to go the extra mile in this particular instance. He was sweet enough to write this young lady a poem of her very own. There are not many kids out there who can say that a Hollywood star has written a poem in their honor.

The poem reads as follows: “Ode to Cora – You’re an adorable child. Flattered to be compared. You have a wonderful smile. I just wish I had your hair.” If you are not giggling by now, we do not know what to tell you. What an amazing composition.

We find ourselves wondering just how much time he needed to come up with this witty turn of phrase. In fact, we will happily pay for a whole book of poetry from Harrelson.

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