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Preston Miller is the woodworker who is responsible for this amazing feat. We understand that there was probably a lot of skepticism about the headline. How on earth could anyone manage to turn coffee beans into a coffee mug?

Even the most skilled woodworker in the world would probably struggle immensely in this regard. Preston is not like the others, though, that is for sure.

Photo: Pixabay/Andy M.

Can you believe that he came up with the idea of mixing coffee beans with epoxy? That’s the part that we cannot wrap our minds around. Once he managed to mix the coffee beans and the epoxy, he set the product of this creation upon the woodturner.

From there, Miller was able to spin it into a cylindrical shape. That’s true genius right there. It’s not a lot of people who could have thought of this.

Photo: YouTube/Preston Miller Projects

So what happens once the coffee has been turned? The process gets even more awesome to watch, that’s what! The turned coffee is placed onto a wooden base and turned even further. As soon as you watch the turns unfolding, it becomes obvious that his plan is coming to fruition. He’s created a tall coffee mug for everyday use.

We would be surprised not to find mugs like these in every home after this. He’s laid the blueprint for all of us.

Photo: YouTube/Preston Miller Projects

“When I began woodturning the coffee beans into a coffee mug I had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to do a little something different. Would it even hold together? …This was more of a long-shot experiment than a potentially successful project. I did not have high hopes for this to turn out well,” Miller said in the video below.

Watch the transformation for yourself below:

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