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For most of us as kids, school is not a fun place. It’s where we have to go every day for a certain number of years because the law says we have to.

While our teachers are there to teach us and mold us into the people we grow up to be, not every teacher has a profound effect on us as society would hope.

Photo: TikTok/@vancouver_k.thrasher

But every one in a while, we come across a teacher that changes something for us – whether inspiring us to enjoy a subject we otherwise would’ve felt indifferent towards, or they push us to face our fears. Either way, some of us have teachers that end up helping us to become the people that we are today, and that isn’t something that we can easily forget.

For many of us, we don’t always get the opportunity to stay in touch with our former teachers and let them know just how deep of an impact they’ve had on us growing up. But every once in a while, someone gets lucky and gets a chance to let their teacher know the difference they’ve made.

Photo: TikTok/@vancouver_k.thrasher

In one rather touching moment at an airport, one woman got to tell her teacher just how much she impacted her life.

The woman was working for the airline, WestJet, when she spotted a familiar face. She noticed her former teacher was one of the passengers on the plane. And this wasn’t just any teacher, this was a teacher who had a profound impact on the woman, who cited her as an influence in helping to shape her into the woman she is today.

Photo: TikTok/@vancouver_k.thrasher

She didn’t just tell her teacher, she shared the news with the entire plane. The woman took to the intercom and shared, “This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play piano. I have my master’s in piano and I can write an essay. Thank you, Miss O’Connell. I love you!”

After making her announcement, she then rushed down the aisle to where Miss O’Connell was sitting, and was able to reunite with her favorite teacher after 30 years! And the whole plane got to witness the sweet moment.

You can see it for yourself in the TikTok video below:


Today our #WestJet CSA Laura in YYZ had an emotional loving reunion with a teacher who helped sculpt her future and love for writing and music. Ironically it’s #internationalteachersday ! Thank you for sharing this moment with us. 🧡😭🧡

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What do you think of this story? Do you have a favorite teacher that impacted you growing up? Let us know!