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Christmas trees mean different things to different people. Some people would never think about celebrating Christmas without a real tree in their home while others feel that a fake tree is a better choice.

That included a TikTok user named @falenkdwb.

Photo: Pexels/Dima Valkov

She went online to do “deep research” because she couldn’t handle the thought of having another real Christmas tree in her home. That being said, she still wanted a tree that was realistic.

After landing on the Williams-Sonoma website, she saw a tree that cost $150. In her estimation, it would have paid for itself after a couple of years but she was still nervous about making the purchase because it was nonrefundable.

Photo: TikTok/@fallenkdwb

A nonrefundable tree would raise the radar for many people, but she decided to take a chance and the tree was delivered. When she opened the box, she looked at the fake tree and couldn’t believe how realistic it looked.

She said: “How realistic does this look? To the point where I’m questioning if I bought a real tree. But I don’t think I did. Did I buy a real tree?”

Photo: TikTok/@fallenkdwb

After further investigation, she found out that she did, indeed, purchase a real tree.

Now she has the hassle of having a real tree of her home and at the same time, she paid twice as much as what she would’ve paid at a local stand.


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After being posted on the social media platform, more than 5 million people viewed the video. It’s one of those that went viral for the funniest reasons, and many people are commenting about how they did similar after ordering something from Williams-Sonoma.