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Lost luggage may not seem like an amazing get-rich-quick scheme but for this woman? The simple act of purchasing some lost luggage led to more than she could have ever bargained for.

Roxi is a content creator on YouTube and also serves as a fashion connoisseur. Wait until you see what she managed to find inside of this lost suitcase….you will be stunned!

Photo: YouTube/Roxxsaurus

“This is literally some stranger’s luggage, I have no idea what’s inside, and we’re going to open it in this video together,” Roxi says in the video. She did not come up with this idea on her own, though. Safiya Nygaard and HopeScope are the content creators who have paved the way for this amazing clip. They have made their way to the lost luggage store in Alabama and have been sharing their findings.

Did you know that this store is the only one of its kind in America? Roxi lives across the pond in the UK, so she did not have the chance to head to Alabama. Instead, she went to a used luggage auction.

Photo: YouTube/Roxxsaurus

“Oh my gosh I’m so nervous,” Roxi said, as she began to look through the bag. “I’m either going to get some designer clothes in here or I’m going to waste my money.”

She’s managed to rack up 4.5 million subscribers on her YouTube page with fun videos like this one. When she learned about the airline policies for lost luggage, she sprung into action. These companies are given approximately 90 days to ensure the return of a suitcase to its owner. If not, they are forced to reimburse the owner with the proper funding once the luggage cannot be found.

Photo: YouTube/Roxxsaurus

Once the bags are finally found, they are sold off to the highest bidder at various auctions. Roxi was able to spend $24 on this luggage and take home $500 worth of items in the process. “It’s looking kind of promising,” she said as she went through all of the items.

If you would like to find out more about the designer gems that she found in this bag, please be sure to check out her video below:

We are feeling inspired now as well. Perhaps we should be the next ones to purchase some lost luggage at one of these auctions. After all, look at the return that Roxi was able to get on her investment!