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There are some things in life that are just downright strange, like how orange peels make balloons pop. It doesn’t seem to make logical sense, but science is here to explain it!

James from The Action Lab does an experiment with orange peels and balloons to answer the question: Why do orange peels make balloons pop? In the video, he first demonstrates what happens with a balloon gets a bit of orange oil/juice on it.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

As it turns out, oranges contain a hydrocarbon component that will break down any latex substance that it comes into contact with. We were definitely today years old when we learned about this one!

Limonene, another component of orange peels, also happens to be a very flammable component, so be careful around fire as well.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

“I show you what happens when you squirt an orange at a balloon,” says James in the caption.

Who would’ve thought orange peels were so powerful? The more you know!


Check out the in-depth video below to learn more about all things orange peels and balloons:

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