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We often look to others as a guide for how we should be keeping our own home. Some of those we look to may be social media influencers, but others are old standbys, such as Martha Stewart. She has been helping people in many aspects of keeping their homes for decades and has carved out a nice career for herself by teaching us all how to decorate, keep house, and cook.

Martha Stewart has had popular television shows and even her own magazine but she also keeps up with the latest and shares her tips on social media. This included when she had actress Jennifer Garner on a Facebook live event in 2018. Much of the video is just what you would expect from Martha Stewart, but then she decided to throw something in that would turn heads.

Well, it turns out that Martha Stewart’s lobster sandwich is probably the best thing either of us have ever eaten.👆🏼🤣…

Posted by Jennifer Garner on Monday, July 16, 2018

Stuart revealed to Garner that she puts vodka in the water when she’s boiling lobster. Garner was curious as to why she did this, so she asked for an explanation. Martha Stewart said it had more to do with the lobster than the cooking process.

In her words: “If you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you want to have a drink first?”

My answer would be, “yes.” Watch the episode for yourself below:

LIVE with Martha and Jennifer Garner as they create recipes from our new summer issue!

Posted by Martha Stewart on Monday, July 16, 2018

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