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When was the last time you learned something interesting on social media? It seems as if we always find some type of viral life hack when we take a look, but some of them may fall short of the mark.

It doesn’t seem that is the case, however, with a video that was posted by Zack D on Instagram. In the video, he talks about the lids on pens and people can’t quite seem to get over it.

Photo: Instagram/@zakdfilms

The video was entitled: “The little holes in pen caps EXPLAINED” and it went on to talk about the ballpoint pen and the holes they have in the caps. Obviously, this was of interest to Zack, but it seemed to be of interest to many others as well.

Zach spoke to his 218,000 followers, saying that most people would think it had something to do with the ink. In reality, however, there is something else behind it and it is much more important.

Photo: Instagram/@zakdfilms

According to the video, the law requires that pen companies put a hole in the cap. In that way, if the cap happens to get stuck in somebody’s throat, it will give an opportunity for air to pass through it.

Many people were amazed at this revelation but it seems as if there may also be other factors behind that hole in the pen cap as well. For example, Business Insider says that it helps to equalize the pressure in the pen so it doesn’t leak.

Photo: Instagram/@zakdfilms

Regardless of whether that is true, Zack’s video certainly did strike a chord with many and has over 100,000 likes.

It would not be far-fetched to think that someone would swallow a pen. We often know people who chew on pens or pencils, which The Pen Company says is a stress response.

Some of the people who responded to the video said they could remember chewing on pen caps as a child. Regardless of whether they put the hole in the cap for safety reasons or not, we can be happy it’s there if necessary.