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Have you ever noticed how subs from a deli or sandwich shop taste better than the sandwiches that are made at home? Well, there’s a reason why and food blogger Ethan Chlebowski wanted to get to the bottom of it.

After all, no one likes to spend the prices that the average sandwich shop charges for a meal. Thankfully, Ethan cracked the code and showed us how we can build a sandwich that tastes every bit as good as the ones that we would find at the shops.


According to him, the real reason that the sandwich shop subs taste better is because of the bread that they use and the amount of “lubrication” that the sandwich has. However, these are not the only factors that play into the equation.

We had no idea that there was so much science involved in making a quality sub. The use of fats also comes into play, in addition to the seasonings that are utilized. The sandwich shops also know how to strategically stack their ingredients in such a smart way. We have access to all of these same ingredients but we did not know how to arrange them perfectly….until now.


Thanks to Ethan, we can now enjoy sandwiches that are every bit as delicious as the ones we would get from the major chains.

“Even though we typically have access to all the same ingredients sub sandwiches from the deli always seem to be better than the ones we make at home, so I pulled together 6 tips that I think make a really big difference,” he said in the video below.

Photo: pxfuel

“This may seem superfluous to do at home but wrapping the sandwich does a really cool thing. It applies even pressure all around the sub and the benefits of this are one, the texture is more cohesive. Two, we can add more stuff inside without it spilling out and three, the lubricants can go to work transporting the flavors…I think the sandwich wrap is probably one of the biggest things that you can do to make that sub that you make at home feel special,” he continued.

If you would like to learn more about all of his awesome tips and tricks, please be sure to check out the full video below:

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