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If there is one thing that we recognize about social media, it’s the fact that trends tend to come and go very quickly. That is especially true on TikTok, where obsessions are the name of the game.

One interesting obsession that has come about recently is a small coastal town in Alaska named Whittier. Absolutely everything that you could possibly need in this town is available under a single roof, including plenty of apartments that are upstairs.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

USA Today reported on the subject, saying that Whittier is not a town with a single building, but rather, the 14 story building does house about 85% of the residents.

Photo: flickr/Eli Duke

The town has been quite popular for years, but it recently hit TikTok thanks to a local resident, Jenessa Lorenz. After posting the video, millions of people viewed it.

This wasn’t the first clip that was posted on the subject. Olivia Snake posted a more general video about the town and then Lorenz upped the ante by posting her own video as a reply.


#stitch with @livvontheedge

♬ original sound – jenessa

In the video, she said: “In this building, there’s a post office, a church, a store, and the building office. In the basement of this building we have a tunnel that runs from this building to the school across the street.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She said that her family has lived in Whittier for seven years and she hopes that tourism would become more widely spread since her video was so popular.