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Now that everyone has been stuck in the house for months on end, we have started to see some amazing projects that would have never seen the light of day before. Many of these projects were on the “well, maybe one of these days” list, but it is time to start crossing them off.

TikTok user twhancock is the creative mastermind behind one such quarantine project. He created a boat using White Claw boxes and cans. It’s the perfect vessel to enjoy those lazy afternoons in the backyard swimming pool, and his dog is doing just that.

Photo: TikTok / twhancock

The video debut of this boat was one for the ages. It’s set to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, which is an inspired choice. After all, this does seem an awful lot like the type of boat that Jack Sparrow would sail around with. The flag and mini cannons are also a very nice touch. The dog is also in on the gag, rocking a pirate costume and waiting for his chance to jump in.


Imagine what I could do with 3 more months of quarantine. #whiteclaw #dog #Manifestation

♬ Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (Movie Main Theme) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“This needs to be used as an actual ad for White Claw,” said one commentator and we could not agree more. If the company is smart, they will snap up this dog to become their pitchman as soon as possible. Why, he could be the next Spuds McKenzie! If you don’t get that reference, you are probably too young to be drinking anyway.

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