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We have been watching Wheel of Fortune for quite some time now and we have never seen anything like this before.

These contestants had every opportunity to solve the puzzle. However, they started to overthink it a bit. This led them down the wrong path which was embarrassing for them and hilarious for us. When we first saw the clip, we could hardly believe it.

Photo: TikTok/@ashlee_rae03

There is no way that these people were struggling this badly to solve a puzzle that was this simple. They had to be doing a bit or putting us on in some way. It is hard to wrap your mind around initially. Even Pat Sajak himself seems to be amused with their inability to solve the puzzle. The first guess is very funny and it somehow gets worse from there.

Mary Lynn takes a look at the puzzle and the guess that she ventures is an insane one. Take a look at the puzzle, too. Now try your best to wrap your mind around the fact that this woman said “thrilling caterpillar.” That’s not even a thing, to the best of our knowledge. What was she even thinking here? Only she knows the answer to that one.

Photo: TikTok/@ashlee_rae03

It does not get much better from there, as Paul comes up with what turns out to be a slightly better guess. He said “thrilling waterslide,” which makes sense if you are not actually looking at the puzzle.

Once you take a second glance, you are going to realize that this guess is not even possible. Lunelle is given the next chance and she manages to one up Paul and Mary Lynn.

Photo: TikTok/@ashlee_rae03

Instead of coming up with a whole new guess, Lunelle takes a spin around the wheel. Even though she is able to fill out more of the missing letters and take the time to think about it, she ends up venturing into the exact same guess as Paul. We cannot believe it.

At long last, Paul seems to have figured out the mistake that he was making. To find out more about the winning guess and why it took so long for these well-meaning competitors to come up with it, please be sure to check this clip out for yourself.


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Once you have Pat Sajak losing his mind, you know that you are being more than a bit silly.