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For those who have an Aldi nearby, you’re familiar with the extremely low prices, as well as the little quirks that help the store keep their overhead costs down. For example, the quarter carts and purchasing of paper bags. The store also usually only has one or two employees working at any given time, as well as their own line of products that are even cheaper than the already discounted name brands. If you’re a regular at Aldi, then you’ll want to know this one great shopping hack to get the most out of your next trip!

Shop On Wednesdays

Sure, most of us reserve grocery shopping for the weekends, but maybe it’s time to consider switching it up to Wednesdays. Trust us, it could pay off big time! On Wednesdays, Aldi releases its new specialty items. That’s about forty to fifty brand new items that are first-come, first-serve. If you’re unsure you want to do your grocery shopping on a Wednesday on the off-chance you won’t like any of the items on sale, you can always go online and check out what will be available for the upcoming week.

What Are Specialty Items?

What can you expect to find in the Aldi specialty item section? Honestly, the sky is the limit! Clothes, kitchenware, seasonal items, and even camping gear are all possibilities. How can Aldi get such a good price on these high-quality products? They source from manufacturers who specialize in one item instead of making a bunch of different things, or even a bunch of different versions of the same thing. That means the one downside to these specialty items is that there aren’t a lot of options for different colors or styles, but it can be so worth it if you’re not too picky!

Discounted Produce

Another excellent reason to shop at Aldi on Wednesdays is the discounted produce. Aldi drops prices on produce items on Wednesday in order to clear out the shelves for their next shipment. Yes, this means the produce won’t keep as long once you bring it home, but as long as you eat it within a few days, it will be well worth it. Pineapples are as low as $1 each, and avocados are an even better deal!

Watch the video below for more Aldi shopping hacks to make to most out of your next trip!

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