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While we are aware of most common wedding traditions, these brides are starting a new one, whether they realize it or not.

It’s not every day that you get to go viral on your wedding day but these brides are here to change the game. Once you have had the chance to see why you won’t be able to believe it. They are making quite a unique decision when it comes to their tresses.


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These brides have gotten a lot of attention on TikTok because of their willingness to cut their hair in the midst of their wedding day.

For example, Olivia Lopez was in the midst of deciding on the right look for her wedding after-party. She wanted the perfect hairstyle to go with her white sequined jumpsuit.

She came across TikTok videos of women cutting their hair in the middle of their wedding day. It was then that she knew she had found the perfect plan for her own special day.

Photo: TikTok/@drownedbylight

All it takes is one look at the #weddinghaircut hashtag on TikTok to see how popular this idea has become. The hashtag has already amassed a whopping 31+ million views. The stylists who are on duty at these weddings now find themselves responsible for something than a quick up-do.

The shears are being broken out so that these women can lop off their locks and enjoy a freer, bouncier look. “I don’t really do anything crazy or dramatic — it was out of my comfort zone,” said Lopez, according to the New York Post. At first, the idea felt “super controversial” to her but there is no arguing with the results that she got.

Photo: TikTok/@drownedbylight
Photo: TikTok/@drownedbylight

“I’ve always had my hair long and I almost feel like I needed that little push, to do it for something so special,” she concluded. Delanie Speeler, 25, was like Lopez in the sense that they wanted to have a dramatic reveal for the wedding reception. They came across the hair chop trend when she was in the middle of her wedding planning, just like Olivia did.

“I knew I wasn’t probably going to be doing an outfit change,” said Speeler, who hails from Covington, Georgia. “So I thought, you know, my dramatic reveal would be to do a hair change.” “[The guests] thought I had worn a wig,” Speeler continued. “Then they got a closer look [and] realized that was my actual hair.”

Check out the video below:


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