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If you have ever tried to cut a watermelon into cubes, you know firsthand how difficult this task can be. Thankfully, TikTok users are sharing a new tool they’re obsessed, and it’s easy to see why. Anyone who considers themselves to be a professional watermelon eater will want to get their hands on one.

The tool works like a charm and when TikTok user @corripowell shared about it, her video received over 3 million views. She did not even need to add a caption.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

All you have to do is take the stainless steel tool and press it into the watermelon after it has been sliced in two. The tool, made by Yueschico, comes with a slicer that operates much like a fan. The edges of the blades are not sharp, so you can use it with children present, without worrying about their safety too much. This slicer is responsible for dicing the watermelon into easily digestible cubes and even comes with a ruler that allows you to properly measure each cube, too.


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Amazon offers the gadget for just $12.77! A melon baller also comes with the tool, so that the watermelon edges can be scooped out when they are not able to be turned into cubes.

“[This is] the best thing I have bought because of TikTok,” said one commentator.

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