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This has been one crazy year. It seems as if we have been drifting from one season to another and we aren’t even able to get out and enjoy it as much as we would like. Now that we are in the middle of the summer, we need to start thinking about the coming autumn.

Believe it or not, it isn’t going to be long before those crisp autumn days have arrived. We will be out raking leaves, wishing we could go to an Apple Festival and perhaps even heading to the pumpkin patch. It’s a tradition that we may have had since we were quite young and it is a fall activity you may want to take part in with your kids. As it turns out, there is a warning that needs to be shared and it’s something everyone should hear.

It happened when Jennifer Hernandez went to the pumpkin patch with her family and picked up a tick. Ticks are known for many diseases and most people talk about Lyme disease. For Hernandez, the result was a bout of Rocky Mountains spotted fever and it left her with full-body pain, losing her hair and she couldn’t even walk! Due to contracting Rocky Mountains spotted fever, Jennifer almost died and she wants other people to know about the danger.

After seeing all the cute pictures of families at the pumpkin patches, this is a reminder for everyone, When you go to…

Posted by Jennifer Hernandez on Friday, October 13, 2017

It may have happened a few years ago and Jennifer has recovered, but her story is out there to help everyone that it possibly can. Ticks are a huge problem in many places, and they can be around in the middle of the summer or even in the autumn until the snow starts falling. Don’t think that you can just shake off a tick-borne disease. Take a page out of Jennifer’s book and take it seriously. Protect yourself and your family from such a harmful disease.

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