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Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback this year for obvious reasons. At one time, they were extremely popular and teenagers would hang out at those theaters on the weekend. These days, being able to get out and enjoy a movie is not an option, so drive-in movie theaters were given the green light to get started again on May 15 in New York State. These include some popular drive-in theaters, such as the Warwick Drive-In or Hyde Park Drive-In Theatres which have been around for a long time. You can also add Yankee Stadium to the list this summer for concerts, movie nights, and more.

Time Out New York announced an event known as Uptown Drive-In that you will find in the Yankee Stadium parking lot this summer. It starts in July when the parking lot will be transformed into a combination of a drive-in movie theater and a concert venue. It’s slated for Fridays through Sundays when you can drive up for either a movie or live performance. Some city street vendors will also be on hand to provide the munchies while you are enjoying your night out. MASC Hospitality Group, which is also behind the Bronx Night Market and Bronx Beer Festival, is behind this event.

Photo: Pixabay

Time Out New York was given additional information by Marco Shalma of MASC Hospitality Group. He said that there would be an elevated stage for live performances so you can watch the entire thing from your car. Everything will also be streaming from a PA system so you can hear it on your car radio. Some live interactive games, giveaways, raffles, date-night experiences, and family-friendly brunch series are also being considered.

They don’t yet know the exact prices, but Shalma says: “We’re working with city and state officials, and some of our sponsors to reduce cost as much as we can to be able to make this very affordable, and for as many New Yorkers as possible.” It seems as if you will soon be able to buy the tickets online and they will be on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to make sure you get in on the action, try subscribing to the Uptown Drive-In for updates.

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