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Growing up, most of my uncles lived out of state. That meant I couldn’t see them as often as I would’ve liked, but every time they were in town, it was always a fun time.

Having aunts and uncles is great, they often let you get away with things that your mom won’t let you do – like having some cookies before dinner. But your aunts and uncles can also teach you lots of things.

Photo: Instagram/@theyeetbaby

For one pair of kids, lessons with Uncle Chris went hilariously wrong. Fortunately, it was all captured on camera.

The video starts out tame enough before turning into complete anarchy. The video features two kids and their Uncle Chris. They’re getting a lesson in how to properly pour chocolate milk into their glasses.

Photo: Instagram/@theyeetbaby

At first, the little girl seems to really get the hang of it and she manages to get her chocolate milk right into the glass.

But then, it’s her little brother’s turn, and that is where it gets tricky. The little boy spills everywhere. While Uncle Chris is already having to clean up that leakage, the little girl adds to it.

Photo: Instagram/@theyeetbaby

His niece picks up her brother’s container and then raises it to her lips. She leans her head back, ready to drink straight from the carton, but she ends up getting the milk all over her face. Poor Uncle Chris, now he’s got two messes to deal with.

Watch the hilarious video down below:

What do you think of this video? What are your funny moments with your nieces or nephews? Let us know!