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There are a wide range of Christmas traditions that we wish to keep alive for our little ones and writing letters to Santa is one of them. After all, how is Kris Kringle supposed to know what we want if we do not take the time to tell him?

This is the story of a seven-year-old girl from the United Kingdom who recently sent out a letter of her own. Little did she know that she was in great hands with this postman!

Photo: Facebook/Johnny Wilson

He decided that he would go above and beyond to make this little girl’s Christmas a great one, and he shared about it on Facebook. Alanah’s mother helped the girl write out the list and once it was done, they addressed it to the North Pole. That would usually be the end of the story but not in this case!

Jonny Wilson is the mailman in question and he says that the child was waiting by the door for him. She wanted to hand him the letter personally.

Photo: Flickr/Steve Knight License: CC BY 2.0

“The look of excitement just pulled on my heartstrings. I just couldn’t let the letter be destroyed knowing she wouldn’t receive a reply,” Wilson said, according to The Mirror. That’s when he decided to spring into action.

“On Sunday I woke up and started looking for some templates online and I managed to find a great one. So on Monday, I printed it, popped it in an envelope and took it with me so I could post it back to Alanah on the day,” he continued. The letter let the child know that she had made her way onto the “nice” list this year.

Photo: Facebook/Johnny Wilson

“Santa” also asked for some special treats once he arrived on Christmas Eve. He let her know that last year’s cookies were particularly delicious and asked if she wouldn’t mind leaving out some more this year. Of course, Alanah’s mother knew what had happened and she was absolutely ecstatic. All it takes is a few moments to make a child’s (and their mother’s) day.

“Alanah was so over-the-moon and excited when she received a response in the post,” said Mom, as per The Mirror. That’s not all that she had to say, though. She was sure to thank Jonny by name and spoke glowingly of the effort that he put in to make her child happy. “Jonny could definitely be Britain’s best postie,” she added.