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The good-natured battles that take place between the UK and the US online are too funny, as long as people are keeping their comments from becoming too nasty.

The viral post that you are about to see had the world of Reddit reacting. We can see why and we would have been right there with them making fun of this person and their food if we had seen this at the moment. It’s okay, we are still getting our chuckles on as we speak. The Christmas-themed pizza that you are about to see is a very sad sight.

Photo: Pexels/Charlotte May

Let’s be very honest here. The toppings that you will notice on this pizza do not look like they belong anywhere near a pizza. Whoever made this has a stomach that is made of cast iron because ours is doing backflips just looking at this pizza. The pie is topped with ham, Brussels sprouts, gravy, apple sauce, and other items that you would never believe.

“Got drunk last night and ordered a Christmas themed pizza,” the UK resident wrote on Reddit. They offered up a picture of the half-eaten pizza and we are surprised that they even got this far. Instead of learning the error of their ways, they were sure to let the internet know that they were about to tear into the leftovers.

Photo: Pixabay/Taken

The pie is an absolute pile of garbage and we are glad that the Reddit users who saw it first took the time to tell them. “Pure filth,” one of them declared. “Have committed an unspeakable violation.” “I never want to hear anything negative about pineapple on pizza again,” said another. Even though we are not fans of pineapple on pizza, we are definitely inclined to agree.

The poster even returned and let them know that they had finished the pizza. They were clearly taking great pleasure in tormenting everyone.

Got drunk last night an ordered a christmas themed pizza…sprouts, yorkshire puds, ham, apple sauce and gravy..about the get stuck in to leftovers from CasualUK

We hope that they are happy. Would you be able to even get one bite down? We highly doubt that we could.