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Everyone has a different skincare routine. But sometimes we are on the lookout for something new to change things up or to see if there might be something better out there. But sometimes, the adventure doesn’t always pay off the way that we want.

Lauren Jennie found this out the hard way after attempting to test out a turmeric face mask. Sadly, it left her looking like a Simpson’s character.

Jennie had first noticed that she was breaking out more than usual. Being in lockdown meant that she had a little extra time to research a new method of clearing up the breakout. As she explained to her 16K TikTok followers, “I’d been breaking out all over my face, but mainly across my lip line, and I really don’t want to squeeze them as it’s so so sore. So me being me, I’m researching ways to get rid of it and help my skin out. And I come across this DIY turmeric face mask that I could literally go downstairs and make right now in my kitchen. So I did.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

However, after attempting the DIY face mask at home, she soon came to regret the decision. She would’ve been better off just popping her spots the old-fashioned way because shortly after slathering on the face mask, she noticed that her hand – the one she’d used to apply the face mask – had turned a vibrant yellow hue.

Photo: TikTok/laurenjrennie

Worried, she spoke to her camera, voicing her concern that she would end up “resembling the moon” when she goes to wash off the face mask. And that is precisely what happened afterward. But it wasn’t just a simple case of a face-mask-gone-wrong that she could laugh about in the privacy of her own home. She was facing potential public humiliation as she was meant to go grocery shopping with her dad.

Photo: TikTok/laurenjrennie

In the video, Jennie stated “I’m really hoping that make-up is going to cover this” while her sister laughed uncontrollably somewhere off-camera. Fortunately for Jennie, some of the yellow’s vibrancy started to fade after several scrubbings. But, it was still pretty yellow and she had to accept the fact that “this is the best it’s going to get.”

The hilarious video quickly went viral on social media, gaining millions of views and hundreds of comments from viewers everywhere.

Some people commented that they already knew disaster was around the corner when they heard the word “turmeric,” while others joked that she resembled a Simpson’s character. One person even joked, “You went from Donald Trump to I am dying from yellow fever.”

Photo: TikTok/laurenjrennie
Photo: TikTok/laurenjrennie
Photo: TikTok/laurenjrennie

Still, there were some that tried to find the bright side of the mishap – pointing out that her skin did seem a little more clear. Someone even said, “well, at least you have a golden glow.”

Watch the hilarious clip below:


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We doubt that this is one face mask that Jennie will be adding to her beauty regimen. Have you ever had a similar mishap? Let us know!

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