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One day my husband and I were at the local shelter to find a cat. While we were in the cat room, a young woman with two small children brought in a Boston Terrier mix puppy about 6 months old to drop off.

She would not fill out any paperwork (required for a drop off) and argued for several minutes with the staff. You could tell by her actions that the next stop for that pup was the side of the road if they wouldn’t take him.


So I looked at my husband and he gave me the nod. I went up to her and told her “Just give him to me. I will give him a good home and you won’t have to fill out any papers.”

So that is how we added Tuffy to our “herd”. After a vet visit, we found out that he was indeed about six months old and had a fairly bad case of mange. But it was treatable.


From that day until the day my husband died, Tuffy was glued to my husband’s leg. Now he stays close to me and I love him. He is our little Velcro dog.

D Hinton
Portland, TN

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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