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Some of these tips go back as far as the pioneer times while others are a bit newer and come from the golden era of homemaking: the 1950s. But, these simple tricks made a lot of women’s lives easier. Simple and cheap, these households and kitchen tips have helped solve or prevent many an issue in the kitchen and beyond. Check out these old-fashioned tricks for a better home.

Shortening Shortcut

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To save from wasting shortening use the water method for measuring it out. For example, to get 1/2 cup shortening start with 1/2 cup water and drop spoonfuls of shortening in until the water level reaches 1 cup, then drain the water off.

Insect Repellent

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Pennyroyal was used as an insect repellent since pioneer days and beyond. They planted it around the foundation of the home and in window boxes to keep rats, roaches, and flying insects away. They would also use the cuttings hung upside down from the rafters, sometimes in a bouquet with mint and other herbs, to keep the flies at bay inside their homes.

Better Eggs

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A simple way to make scrambled eggs lighter and make them stretch farther is to add a bit of cream to them before beating.

Better Gravy

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You can remove lumps from a gravy or sauce by shaking in a mason jar.

Too Much Salt

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Adding a raw cut up potato to soups or gravies can fix them if you’ve accidentally oversalted. Remove potato before serving.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best! Women for generations have known this and it’s why there are so many wonderful little tricks in every kitchen. And these tips are easy and cheap- two things we love!

Inventive Dessert

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The syrup from canned fruits can be used as the base for a dessert by mixing it with plain gelatin and a little food coloring if desired. It works in a pinch, uses a possible waste product, and it’s how jellied desserts got their start!

Egg Test

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To test eggs: a fresh egg will sink and an old one will float in water. An egg that’s old but not yet spoiled should sink in an upright position.

Tea Dye

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Dye spotty linens with tea to get some more use out of them. Of course, this only works if you want tea-colored table linens!

Sticky Drawers

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Soap rubbed on the sides of a sticky or squeaky drawer will make it slide smooth again.

Easy Fix

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Use a walnut to remove scratches in furniture. See it in action right here.

Less Scrubbing

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Olive or mineral oil can be used to clean the range hood or other enameled metal surfaces of sticky grease, then that clean oil can be easily removed with your regular cleanser and you’ve saved yourself some hard scrubbing.

These tips save money and time which are things we’re all short on at one point or another. But, it’s the old-fashioned tips like these that always seem to save the most time.

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