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When you spend any amount of time on social media, it’s hard to tell what you are going to see and hear. One moment, you may find a piece of advice that is life-altering and at the next moment, you watch something and you realize you will never get that part of your life back again.

There are also times when people share something they feel is awesome and it turns out to be anything but awesome. That was the case with the mother who shared a video and it fell wildly short of the mark.

Photo: TikTok/@tisoka1652302

Think back to the time when you were a child. More than likely, you felt invincible and in many ways, you were.

That didn’t stop you, however, from getting hurt when it really was deserved and in some cases, you may have even broken a bone or had some other serious injury.

Often, those injuries revolved around doing something that you shouldn’t have been going. It may also revolve around other behaviors that were risky, and one of those behaviors was jumping on a trampoline.

Photo: TikTok/@tisoka1652302

I’ll be the first one to admit that bouncing on the trampoline is a lot of fun. They are still something to be respected, however, and perhaps not the best choice for a backyard diversion when parents aren’t around.

Some parents take this dangerous activity and turn it into something even worse. That is what one mother did when she turned her backyard trampoline into “The Trampoline of Death.”

After she posted her video on TikTok, it went viral for every wrong reason imaginable. There were even people who spoke out against the practice, including this paramedic and fireman who had the nerve to make his own video on the subject.

Photo: TikTok/@tisoka1652302

The Trampoline of Death was a regular trampoline that was covered with dish soap and had a sprinkler turned on it. The mother called it something similar to a slip-and-slide and it would keep her children entertained for over an hour.

She even demonstrated how slippery the concoction was when she ran her hand over it. It just looks like an accident waiting to happen to me and obviously, the Internet agrees.

Of course, there were plenty of people who spoke up over the situation, including some who reminded the mother that a ride to the hospital in an ambulance is very expensive and that taking care of a child with two broken legs will make you question your parenting choices.

The paramedic followed things up in his video, saying that doing it would spice up your summer, as long as you consider staying at the hospital spicy.

There were also other paramedics who spoke about patients they had in the emergency department with broken bones as a result of fooling around on a trampoline.

Admittedly, trampolines are not the best choice when it comes to safety but if you turn it into a trampoline of death, nothing but bad things could possibly happen.