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Fruit is good and all but sometimes, you just need to feed your sweet tooth. So what do we grab when it is time to scratch that itch? Depending on your personal taste, the answer will depend. Perhaps you have heard of cotton candy grapes in the past? Well, Trader Joe’s has a new option for your snacking pleasure.

They’re offering grapes that taste just like gummy bears and we can hardly believe our eyes. They are here to swipe the crown from the cotton candy grapes that became so popular over the past year or so. For those who are wondering, “gummy berries” are actually red grapes that are very sweet. The name and packaging also suggest a close connection with the taste of gummy bears.

The best part about grapes is that they are an easy snack to enjoy during the summer months. All you need to do is grab some out of the fridge and the rest takes care of itself. If you are in the mood for a snack experience that is even more refreshing, you can also pop the grapes into the freezer for a little while.

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Apparently “nature’s candy” isn’t cutting it

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We do not have any information on the pricing of these grapes at the moment but we are going to go ahead and presume that they are not all that expensive. Cotton candy grapes and typical grapes tend to fall within the same price range. We expect the gummy berries to be no different.

Some of the folks who have tried these berries out say that they are not the same as gummy bears. However, they are quick to note that they are much sweeter than the average grape. One thing is for sure: we will be keeping our eyes peeled during our next Trader Joe’s trip and taking home as many of these bad boys as possible.

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