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When the Instagram account @traderjoeslist sent out their post about the return of the Grump Tree, Instagram lit up immediately. They are the best possible gift for any and all Grinch-type folks in your life. Their Grinch-inspired Grump Cypress Christmas Trees are back by popular demand and we cannot wait to take one home for ourselves. These unique trees are not just for the Grinch fans, though.

The tree is designed to evoke memories of the signature Grinch slouch. We all know that he is not someone who has the best posture which is why these trees remain slumped over to one side….it’s a way of paying homage.

The tree slumps because it has been weighed down by the heavy festive red ribbon that is wrapped around it. There’s also a heavy Christmas ornament dangling from the top that serves to weigh it down even further. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep these trees from leaning off to one side forever, simply take off the weighted ornament and add your own lighter one.

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By adding your own seasonal decor, you can put your own special spin on the tree. After all, it’s all about getting that perfect photo so you can show off to your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. We have been loving all of the photos that we are coming across on our social media feeds which is why we’re excited to get our own!

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The price of these trees varies in range from $4 to $9, depending on the location. The lemon cypress trees are native to the state of California and maintain their cone shape until they have reached a height of 30 feet.

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Once the holidays have passed, the tree can remain a part of your home! Just take off the Christmas decorations and plant it or pot it! It does not matter how big of a Grinch your friend or loved one may be, they are sure to love this gift.