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This TikTok user was left with a burning question recently and we can understand why they were ready to cuss. “What the f—?” sums this one up pretty well, if we do say so ourselves.

@21savvyyy is her name on TikTok and she is sharing a harrowing tale with her followers. Her Trader Joe’s candle ended up catching fire and the comment section roasted her even further.

Photo: TikTok/@21savvyyy

As it turns out, she made some avoidable errors that caused the candle to burst into flames. The clip is 21 seconds long and we get to see the small candle fully ablaze. It is Christmas-themed, in case anyone was wondering.

“I smell something burning in my house, and I’m like, ‘What the f—?’ And I look over here, and this candle is doing this,” she shares with the audience.

Photo: TikTok/@21savvyyy

Wait until you see the method that she used to put the fire out. She grabs the candle with a set of tongs, carries it to the kitchen sink, and tries her best to douse it with some water.

The flames became even bigger, as if they were protesting her silly attempt. “We can all agree that my solution for putting out the flame could’ve been better,” she explained in the caption.

Photo: TikTok/@21savvyyy

This incident did not happen because of any mistakes that were made on Trader Joe’s part, either. This is her fault because she did not take the time to trim the wick first. If she had taken the time to do so, she would have been able to avoid this calamity.

She’s lucky it did not turn out worse than this.


we can all agree that my solution for putting out the flame could’ve been better 😅 #traderjoes #candle #fyp #christmas #fire

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The comments were filled with friendly advice as well. “When your wax gets low, don’t light it! Time for a new candle,” said one viewer. “And never burn it down that low for that long,” chimed in another. We hope that she takes these tops and pointers to heart because it would be awful to see her have another mishap like this one.

According to the National Candle Association, we should never be trying to put out our candles with water because there are major dangers being posed. “Use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering,” the group advises on its website.