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We love to watch our kids learn and grow. It is so fun to watch them mature and start to figure out certain things by themselves.

In fact, this adorable toddler just came to one of the most hilarious realizations of all. You won’t be able to believe your eyes and ears when you see it. This sweet TikTok video was originally posted by the child’s mother, @keepupwithjacob.

Photo: Pixabay/Georg H.

Don’t worry, though, little buddy. We are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you. This video offers us a glimpse at Mom explaining the concept of birthdays to the little boy.

Donna Whelan, the child’s mother, managed to capture this moment and we are forever grateful. For Jacob’s part, he seemed to take it all in stride.

“When was I born, in June?” he asked. “You were born in June,” she confirmed. That should have been all but that’s not all that he had to say on the matter. Jacob wanted to make sure he got to the bottom of this.

Photo: TikTok/@keepupwithjacob

“Born in June, the same as my birthday?” he asked again, with a very puzzled expression on his face. Give this mother credit, though, she remained patient and tried her best to explain things to him. “Yeah! That’s why you have a birthday because that’s when you were born,” she continued. Of course, this young man found a way to interpret things to his benefit.

“I’m gonna have a June birthday every single time… Every single week?” he asked. While that seems to be a bit much, his heart is in the right place and so is his mother’s. “Every year! Your birthday is in June,” she patiently shared. “Is it crazy?” she inquired.

Photo: TikTok/@keepupwithjacob

From the looks of this clip, Jacob definitely seems to agree with this assessment.

This is one of the more heartwarming clips that you are going to see anytime soon. It definitely reminds us of a lot of moments that we have had with our little ones. Their inquisitive nature knows no bounds and we love every last minute of it. Check out the video for yourself below:


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