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T.J. Maxx stores all over America were forced to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this was a major blow for all of their shoppers, the stores are slowly starting to reopen their doors to the general public. New protocols have been established, in hopes of keeping shoppers safe from the virus’ continued spread.

Thanks to Tik Tok, you can receive a guided tour of these newly reopened stores and learn more about the changes that are being made.

Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

@annasudsy is providing one of the tours, and in the footage, we immediately notice the one-way arrows that are placed on the floor that is being used to promote the social distancing concept. As you may have expected, there are lots and lots of items that have been marked down. Handbags are much cheaper than usual and, of course, suitcases are being sold for very low prices.

In addition, seasonal items, furniture, clothing, you name it, have been marked down. In addition to the sales and signage, what else can T.J. Maxx shoppers hope to expect upon their return? Cash registers are now going to have protective shields, which keep shoppers from having to come into close contact with cashiers. The return process is also going through some major changes.


TJ MAXX WALKTHROUGH! It’s open in my state. Check out what you can expect when yours does too. ✨ #tjmaxx #homegoods#tjmaxxwithdrawals

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If there are any high touch surfaces in these stores, they are being cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day. These are just a few of the steps that are being taken to T.J. Maxx shoppers safe. Any associate at the store is going to be required to wear a face mask as well. The social distancing guidelines will also be applied to the workplace.

Maybe your local T.J. Maxx store has not been able to open up yet or perhaps you are a bit nervous about doing any in-person shopping at the moment. That’s okay. T.J. Maxx has got you covered because they have reopened their online store so that you can still find everything that you need in a timely manner. Be sure to get your shopping done early, though as their online store has already put a daily order limit in place!

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