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Deleted scenes can be a lot of fun to watch, right? It’s always nice to learn more about the director’s vision, and sometimes, the scenes offer a nice glimpse of what could have been. On the other hand, there are also scenes that make us wonder what the director was thinking, including the deleted scene from the classic film The Titanic.

James Cameron, the film’s director, had a very tough task when he brought this story to life. How could he possibly find an uplifting ending when discussing this horrific tragedy? Spoiler alert: 100-year-old Rose drops the Heart of the Ocean in the same spot where she first said goodbye to her lost love, Jack. Later, she reunites with him after death or in a dream.

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It is up to the viewer to decide what happened and we love endings like that. However, a recent report from the AV Club revealed that the movie could have ended on a much sillier note. Bill Paxton’s character, Brock Lovett, had a research team that played a role in the version that we have all seen, but the deleted scene gives them far more to do.

Photo: YouTube /
Earth Wachiraporn

In the deleted scene, Rose is preparing to toss the Heart of the Ocean away when the research team interrupts her. Lovett asks her not to do it because they have been searching for the item for quite some time. Rose does not want to listen because she has been planning to toss the Heart for a while now, and the diamond is eventually dumped into the Atlantic.

Photo: YouTube /
Earth Wachiraporn

From there, Lovett chuckles and asks Rose’s granddaughter if she would like to dance with him. It’s a very corny scene and we are glad that it did not end up in the film. Cameron made a wise decision during the editing process, in our opinion, since the movie is about Rose and Jack’s romance, after all.

If you would like to see the deleted scene for yourself, be sure to check it out in the video below:

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