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Two Tiny Houses Are Connected With A Deck And Sunroom

When it comes to the world of tiny houses, there is no such thing as too small. However, these owners felt differently, which is why they elected to make a few changes.

The owners took two tiny houses and connected them with a deck and sunroom. Something we’ve never seen before.

The tiny house might be sizable enough for a couple or a smaller family. Once a family begins to expand, they will have to rethink their living arrangements – which is why this plan makes so much sense.

This house is called The Ohana and was designed Viva Collectiv.

Tiny houses allow families to enjoy all of the advantages of any other home, just on a smaller scale. The idea is to live with less ‘belongings’.

Plus it doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Many people live in tiny homes to save up for bigger homes, but after a while, they find it hard to leave.

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