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Summertime is here and there are a number of images that are associated with this amazing season. We love to throw some burgers and dogs on the grill. The fireworks displays are a great excuse to get out of the house for a bit. Campfires provide us with numerous opportunities to enjoy some time with our friends and loved ones. The beach lovers out there are also thinking about the fun times they have had this year.

There are certain summer vacation spots that have captured our fancy as well. Spending time in the woods is a great way to pass the time during the summer. A peaceful cabin in the serene woods sounds like the perfect summer getaway spot. These types of cabins existed long before the tiny homes that are so trendy at the moment.

Those who were looking to get in touch with nature would use these cabins as a means of escaping from the rat race for a little while. These rustic cabins allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and partake in a bit of much-needed minimalism. Many of these concepts are buzzwords now, but they were not as popular back then.

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We knew that it was only a matter of time before the ideas were merged, though. “Tiny cabins” are now a thing and this is your chance to check one of them out for yourself. The end result is every bit as gorgeous and charming as you would have expected. The old and the new have combined in the best possible way.

This home is located in the state of North Carolina and Rich’s Portable Cabins is offering up the tour. Once you take the time to watch, you will be able to see what all of the fuss is about. It’s one of the nicest houses that we have ever seen, tiny cabin or otherwise. We are here to offer a firm warning: it is going to be very hard to contain all of your jealousies.

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There are certain videos that we cannot do justice with our words. We have tried our best but the only thing left now is for you to take a closer look on your own. By the time the clip is over, you are going to be calling everyone you know, so that they can also take a closer look. You are also going to be looking into the feasibility of constructing a tiny cabin of your own!

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