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Traveling has really changed in recent years, but it was even changing before the pandemic. At one time, it was possible to send a few bags to the belly of the plane for free and then to carry on what you needed. These days, it has been shut down for the most part.

If you’ve ever felt the pain of having to back up and redo your carry-on luggage, then a woman by the name of Taylor Watson has a hack you will love.

Photo: flickr/Maurizio Pesce

She posted her tips on TikTok and millions of people are already loving it.

In order to make things work, it involved using a necklace and attaching sun hats onto the bag. That is the key, putting personal items on the outside of your suitcase that you plan on carrying on.

Photo: TikTok/taylorwatsonmusic

In her words, they won’t take a bag that looks like you bought it in the gate area.

In order to make this work, she grabbed a brown paper bag with handles and put in extra items, such as snacks and slippers.

Photo: TikTok/taylorwatsonmusic

When you have the bag under a jacket or other piece of clothing, they can’t check it after you pass through TSA.

She says that it’s helpful for people on a budget, but let’s face it, you can’t please everyone. Some people even considered her to be selfish but she still feels that she is helping out.

Photo: flickr/Caribb

She even responded in a follow-up post that showed her putting items under her seat rather than filling the overhead compartment.


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