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Secret nightclubs, secret passageways, if it’s a secret, people wants to know about. One TikTok user, Melissa Ramirez, shared her secret room and people are obsessed with it.

Her reveal video has over 2 million views and for good reason. After all, she’s got something hiding behind her wall and you’d never suspect it!

Melissa has a “secret beauty room” that is hiding behind her full-length mirror in her bedroom.

Photo: TikTok / ramirez_marin94

If we did not know any better, we would assume that this was something out of some sort of spy movie.

However, once she pulls the mirror aside, the large beauty room is revealed. Who would’ve thought so much is hiding back there?

Photo: TikTok /ramirez_marin94

The room isn’t just a small closet. It’s full-size and has a hat rack, several tables, a full size mirror, and a walk in closet.

Photo: TikTok /ramirez_marin94

This is the dream life for many of us. Who wouldn’t love to have a special room where they can hide out and handle their beauty routine? Many of the commentators compared this hideout spot to the one that Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana character used to have. The comparisons are inevitable, but this one might be even cooler than Hannah Montana’s!

Check out the video below:


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Do you have any secret rooms in your house?

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