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It doesn’t matter who we are, we are all interested in saving money. Some people even go out of their way to ensure that they are as frugal as possible but there are times when someone goes too far.

It seems as if that may be the case when it comes to a Ziploc bag hack that is gaining steam on TikTok.

Photo: flickr/Sarah Witherby

@howdoesshe is the TikTok user who shared the trick. She said that it’s possible to create snack-sized bags by using larger zip lock bags so that you save money. She captioned the clip: “Bet you’ve never seen this.”

The premise behind the hack is rather ingenious. She heats up a sharp knife using her stove and then cuts the sandwich bag in half. The edges of the bag are sealed because the heat from the knife closes them.

Photo: TikTok/howdoesshe

What she ends up with are two smaller bags and a lot of savings!

Some people were wondering if it worked and there were even some who tried the Ziploc bag hack for themselves. They say that it worked, but there are some who still feel that it is taking things too far.

Photo: TikTok/

Although it may be able to save some money, some commenters were quick to point out that you could just buy smaller Ziploc bags or even use reusable containers.

It’s always interesting when there is something to debate on, and this video has proven to be a good one to argue. Watch it below:


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