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You may think that you are fully up to date on all of the latest food trends, but you have no idea. That’s TikTok for you! Every time we spend a few moments on this app, we learn more and more about things that we did not realize. For example, have you ever made mini pancakes before? Of course, you have. Chances are high that you have never seen mini pancakes like these, though.

These coin-sized pancakes are absolutely adorable and once they’re made, the person eats them as if they are cereal. We have never seen anything like this and it’s truly a testament to the level of creativity that takes place on this app.

Good luck resisting an idea that is this tempting! The steps are very easy to follow, too. The pancake batter needs to be prepped first, obviously. You can use your own batter that is made from scratch or rely on a boxed mix. Some may choose the classic buttermilk flavoring and others could decide to get a bit more far-out with it. The options are truly endless.

Photo: istayfunny19 / TikTok

Pour the batter into a squeeze bottle if you would like to make sure that the tiny pancakes come out as circular as possible. Others have decided to pour the batter into a plastic bag before snipping the corner off. Syringes are also being used, so be sure to select the batter idea that works best for your personal needs. Anything that can emulate a frosting piping bag will do the trick.

As soon as your mini pancakes are finished, pour them into the cereal bowl and you are all set. Put some syrup and butter on top, grab a spoon, and start chowing down. If you would like to add milk and eat them like a bowl of breakfast cereal, that’s also an awesome option!

Anything goes when you are making your own mini pancakes. Whether you want to add ice cream, peanut butter or some Nutella, you can whip up a breakfast that you won’t soon forget. Please be sure to pass this awesome clip along!


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