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It seems like it doesn’t take much to keep us entertained these days. Simply flipping through social media will often put a smile on our face and sometimes, it will suck us in and hold us in its grasp for hours.

Then again, there are some things that were not meant to be funny but that doesn’t stop them from cracking us up.

On Instagram, a video shared by Style Magazine is just such an opportunity. In the video, you see an older woman wearing a pair of glasses and facing the camera. She has a bottle of some type of beverage in front of her. Even though you can’t see the beverage itself, it does have a red/brown color to it. More than likely, it is tea or soda.

Photo: <Instagram /instylemagazine

That is when the woman takes her glasses off and looks directly into the camera. They appear to be prescription glasses. She opens the bottle in front of her, attempting to do something that probably makes you wonder what she is thinking.

The glasses are not all that large but it is obvious they are too large to fit inside of the bottle. She then takes her hand and hides the bottle from view, at least partially. The glasses are then placed behind the bottle but I think she wants us to think they were going inside of it. It really doesn’t matter, it’s what happens next that has us all laughing.

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I don’t think she’s quite ready for America’s Got Talent, but she made my day! Then again, considering the video has more than 70,000 likes, I would say she’s made a lot of people’s day!

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