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It doesn’t matter who we are, we all go looking for some suggestions as to how to make our life a little easier. For some people, this means going to their parents to ask how they used to do things before all the modern technology got in the way. For others, it means using that modern technology and looking to social media.

You don’t have to look very far on TikTok to find some of those unusual and, at times, helpful tips. Some of them change lives for the better and others create controversy. It seems as if a folding hack from @playroominspo does a little of both.

Photo: Unsplash

This TikTok user goes on social media to show mothers how to organize their lives and save time. The latest tip is her method of folding clothing which would definitely save you time and has raised some eyebrows in the process.

In the video, you see Courtney in a position where many mothers have found themselves. She is staring at a pile of laundry on the floor and some bins, just waiting to be filled with the clothing.

Photo: TikTok/@playroominspo

She then does something that most people would consider unthinkable. She simply starts putting the clothing away unfolded! In fact, she said that she timed herself and it took only four minutes to finish the laundry.

Photo: Unsplash

In her words: “[It’s] so much better than clothes piled up for days, waiting to be folded. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t even pair socks. No-fold system for the win!”


Reply to @user65931734 No more folding kid’s clothes. #kidsroom #kidsroomideas #toddlermom #newmom #momsoftiktok #momlife #toddlertok

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With millions of people watching this video, there is no doubt that it has changed some lives. Some people are going to adopt it and may even give her a virtual high-five. Others, however, say that she is lacking self-discipline and is leading people by laziness.

I guess we all need to make our own minds up on this one.

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