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TikTok seems to be a creator of internet-famous dishes. Remember pancake cereal? Dalgona coffee? The list goes on. Some seem to be passing trends and fads, but other recipes are here to stay. This amazingly delicious crispy potato recipe may be chief among them. The recipe has already received millions of views and has even garnered “likes” from celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner.

TikTok user Jeremy from @scheckeats created the recipe and shared it with his TikTok where it quickly went viral.

We are willing to bet that the recipe has already been shown to you on TikTok, though. The For You page has been full of recreations of the dish and the potatoes are now at over 20 million views.

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A post shared by Jeremy Scheck (@scheckeats)

So, how did Jeremy come across the inspiration for the “Internet-Famous Crispy Potatoes”? When actress Emily Blunt appeared on Barefoot Contessa, she used a classic British technique to prepare potatoes, which inspired Jeremy to create his own version. Blunt’s version was so popular that it crashed Ina Garten’s site.

Scheck does not have any delusions about the recipe, either. In his mind, it is absolutely hilarious that a recipe this simple has gotten so popular. All he did was provide people with a new way to cook roasted potatoes and they are losing their minds.

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A post shared by Jeremy Scheck (@scheckeats)

“I always like to mention, ‘I have more interesting stuff, you know,’” says Jeremy, according to Delish.

Check out the TikTok video to learn more about his Internet-Famous Potatoes.


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You can also head to Jeremy’s website to find out more about the recipe as soon as possible.

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