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If you don’t know what the flat spots on an ice cube tray are for, TikTok is here to help. The flat spots on ice cube trays actually serve an important role!

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

If the water runs on these spots, it spreads more evenly. Once the first four cube molds are filled, you are able to move onto the next set. It’s really that easy. We had no idea that the flat spots were there for this reason. It’s never too late to learn these important lessons.

“I was today years old when I learned this,” said one commentator and we are sure that they are not the only one.


someone validate me plz #learnontiktok #favoritememories

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Someone else provided a helpful pointer by showing us that we do not even have to move the tray. For best results, simply leave the water running on one of the spots that is flat. Eventually, the entire tray becomes filled. Other users are suggesting that the tray be angled downward. If the water is allowed to run from the top of the tray, a waterfall effect is created and the tray fills immediately.

Who knew?!

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