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Plants are great. They brighten up the rooms in our home. However, sometimes we don’t always get it right when caring about them. Some plants can be tricky to care for. While cacti and succulents are decent enough to care for, they might not necessarily be what we want. Or, worse yet, sometimes we get cacti or succulents thinking that they’ll be an easy solution to plant care but they end up dying on us.

But thanks to a brilliant tip on TikTok, there is a way that we can revitalize our plants without necessarily having to resort to being plastic plant owners. The idea is simple and it relies on placing your plants into a glass pot – one at a time. The plants are supposed to then be able to take in all the water they need.

Each plant consumes a different amount of water, so this is a wonderful way of making sure that they get enough water needed. The trick was first brought to the forefront by TikTok user @0witchhunt10. It gained a lot of popularity on the site, eventually making its way over to Twitter where it went viral.

One person who saw the trick performed stated that they’d never seen this technique for watering plants before, but they thought it was quite smart. Someone else mentioned that their grandmother apparently waters her plants this way, therefore they recommend it – particularly for succulents.

Another user even made a cactus joke, writing, “That cactus was like IM NOT THIRSTY.”

But how does the technique work exactly? The idea is simple and relies on the plant’s roots doing the work of cooking up moisture through the bottom of the pot. And it works for both indoor and outdoor plants.

But there are just a few tips to keep in mind in order for this trick to be done correctly:

Use distilled or filtered water because tap water can sometimes contain too much chlorine.

Be sure the planter has at least one (but preferably more) drainage holes in the bottom in order to allow the water to be absorbed.

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Leave each plant in the water for 10 minutes, after which you can check the soil’s moisture level to see if it has soaked up enough water. If the plant’s soil is still dry beneath the surface, then plant it back in the water for another 10 minutes.

But most importantly, remember not to overwater your plant as too much water can cause the roots to rot. And occasionally it’s a good idea to top up some water on the surface of the soil in order to rid it of excess salts and oils.

What do you think of this watering technique? Do you use it? Would you use it? Let us know!