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Right now, we could all use a little help stretching our dollar and one TikTok video is helping us do just that. Starbucks lovers who are looking to cut back on their spending a bit will definitely want to read on and learn more.

One Starbucks customer shared her money-saving hack to save some serious cash on the new Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. Fellow Starbucks-fans instantly fell in love with the hack and are excited to save $2-$3 per drink!

Image by saraj from Pixabay

It only takes one look at this beverage to see why people are so ecstatic about it. These drinks are super sugary and chock full of caffeine, as you would expect. The world of social media has been abuzz since the drinks were first added to the menu and even those who do not consider themselves to be major Starbucks fans are head over heels for these drinks.

Photo: flickr/Bradley Gordon

The only complaint that we have seen so far has to do with the price point, but now that’s less of a concern.

“I’m gonna let y’all onto a little hack I learned recently,” says xoxokatiejo when the video begins. She continues to share how she brings the $6 drink down to $3 and some change!

Photo: TikTok/xoxokatiejo

To execute the hack properly, you will need to split the drink up into add ons on your mobile app.

Watch the video below for specific ordering instructions!


Who loves a good #starbuckshack you’re welcome!!!!

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