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TikTok is filled with amazing food and beverage videos. We could waste hours on there watching all of the recipes that people are whipping up. Once the app figured us out, we are fed a nonstop stream of these awesome clips. They are a nice respite from all of the stresses of everyday existence. The caffeinication account has become one of our new favorites, for this reason.

Their soothing videos are great for anyone who needs a pick me up. Whether you are someone who is in the mood for an Irish cream cold brew or you would like to check out a nice iced matcha with berries and cream, they have you covered.

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Their drink-making videos are absolutely mesmerizing. If you would rather check them out on Instagram, you can head to their page on there as well.


Coconut Matcha😋🥥 So Refreshing💚 #foodtok #fyp #caffeinication #matcha #coffee

♬ Dreamy – Instrumental – Zachary Bynum

We love to see foam and coffee colliding in this manner. When the layered drinks get stirred, we get a true feast for the eyes. The videos where the beverages change color are also a great watch. The background music that is layered over these videos adds to the soothing effect.


My Cold Brew Iced Coffee🧊☕️💕 #icedcoffee #happyholidays #coffee #caffeinication

♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose

The ingredients and tools also make a soothing sound when they first hit the glasses. It’s basically its own form of AMSR for the caffeinated beverage lover. Even those who do not love these types of beverages are sure to love the videos. Best of all, the recipes for each of them are available on their Instagram page.


Watch till the end💚💖 Iced Matcha w Berries Cream🍒 #happyholidays #coffee #matcha #caffeinication

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

After taking a closer look at the page, we have come to a very awesome conclusion: These beverages are incredibly easy to recreate. The info that you need on glasses, tools, and gadgets is also readily available. The account is even playing with the idea of opening up their own online shop, so we are definitely going to be paying close attention to these developments.


Ultimate Iced Caramel Macchiato 😍😝 SB could never😏 #makeitmagical #happyholidays #coffee #caffeinication

♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose

It is entirely possible that their custom ice molds are going to be offered up at the online shop, so we are very excited about this! They may even open up their own coffee shop and release their own merchandise. Please be sure to follow them on both accounts if you want t stay up to date on all developments. Just so you know, they host regular giveaways!

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