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If a recipe only requires three ingredients, it won’t be long before millennials and TikTokers start picking up on it. Everyone’s stuck in the house and we need easy recipes, which is why things like whipped coffee and beer bread have been trending. Now, you can learn to make 3-ingredient cloud bread too.

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Cloud bread is some of the fluffiest bread that we have ever seen in our lives and all it takes is sugar, corn starch, and egg whites. The actual baking process cannot be any easier either, we promise. Even those who would not be considered a candidate for Top Chef will have no problem here.


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To get started, separate three egg whites and place them into a bowl. Whip them up until they are nice and frothy.

Then, add 30 grams of sugar (roughly two and a half tablespoons).

From there, you’ll add in 10 grams of corn starch. Take your time and whip the mixture until it gets thick.

Next, place the mixture onto a baking sheet, in whatever shape tickles your fancy. Most shape the mixture into a dome so that it resembles a loaf of bread.

Finally, set the oven on 300 degrees and allow the bread to bake for around 25 minutes.


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Some people add optional finishing touches to the loaves, like sprinkles, almond slices, strawberry extract, vanilla, and/or food coloring.

Some say the bread tastes like eggs, while others compare it to a meringue.


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Have you tried cloud bread before? What did you think? Let us know!

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