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User @mama_mila_ is well known on TikTok these days. As a mother of two, she’s accustomed to tough cleaning processes, and her account is chock full of life hacks, too. Our dirty and grimy microwaves need some help and the solution that this mother provides is as simple as it gets.

She simply combines one teaspoon of washing detergent with a cup of water. The cup is placed in the microwave for four minutes and then the inside is wiped with a clean cloth. That’s all it takes to have your microwave looking totally spotless again. Who knew we didn’t need to disassemble the whole thing and use tons of elbow grease?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Gently wipe the microwave and watch the grime slide off,” she writes.


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Beyond her amazing microwave cleaning hack, she offers a lot of practical and useful advice for keeping our homes comfortable and clean. On her TikTok she says that even if we are not able to spend time in 5-star hotels at the moment, we can still create a home oasis to relax in. She gets bonus points for all the useful tips, too, like how to keep our sheets crisp so they feel like a hotel room bed!


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Feeling inspired? Head to her TikTok to get more inspiration and practical tips for day-to-day living in comfort and style.