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If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you know how comforting a taste of food from home can be.

For one TikTok user, they were in Aruba for their 40th birthday and wanted to enjoy a buffalo chicken wrap, like they’d get in the US. If you have ever ordered a buffalo chicken wrap before, you know how delicious they can be.

Photo: flickr/Randal Schwartz

TikTok user @88mactj shared the moment they ordered the wrap, but it didn’t turn out like they expected.

They shared the wrap on TikTok, asking, “Ever see a buffalo chicken wrap like this?”

From the outside, it looks somewhat normal, and you can really just see the tortilla. However, once they opened the tortilla they discovered the truth: The inside of the wrap was filled with actual buffalo wings.

Photo: TikTok/88mactj
Photo: TikTok/88mactj

Fortunately, they were a very good sport about the whole thing and it did not take long before they busted out laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all.


Buffalo WINGS in a Buffalo chicken wrap?? 🤣🤣🤣 #Aruba #Bookworm #WeDoNotCare #GymTiktok

♬ original sound – Mac

So this is the part where people have to be asking the very obvious question….were these wings bone-in or boneless? As it turns out, the wings are bone-in! That’s too funny and we are glad that Mac has such a good sense of humor about it.

They shared in a TikTok that they asked for an off-menu item, the buffalo wrap, and the chef said they could make it. Little did they know that the wrap would be filled with literal buffalo wings.


Reply to @mamagoodness #Aruba #wings #buffalowings #buffering #bookworm #TikTokResumes

♬ original sound – Mac

At that point, you just have to take lemons and make lemonade. We would simply devour the wings and let the rest take care of itself.

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