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Generational battles are always funny, aren’t they? It is hilarious to watch these conversations play out online and we love every minute of it.

Take this one TikTok video, for instance. This viral clip is sure to have all of the millennials feeling old at the moment and we are doing our best to work our way through it. @manderson007 is the one who is responsible for sharing the initial clip.

Photo: TikTok/@nerdspeech

She is a 2002 baby and she decided to ring in the New Year by sending a special shout-out to everyone else in her age bracket.

The real gag here is that the 2002 babies are finally able to have a legal drink this year. That’s why they have chosen the best song to play in the background. You can hear “Bottom’s Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj, of course.


Happy new year to my fellow ‘02 babies🥳 #happynewyear #2023 #fy #kaykisscountdown #birthday

♬ original sound – TBJ 24/7 🎵

@nerdspeech decided to stitch the video and come up with a hilarious retort.

You see, as a 90s baby, he is in a different phase of his life at the moment and this needed to be acknowledged. While the 2000s babies are out getting their driver’s licenses and looking forward to their first legal drink, @nerdspeech was quick to break out the ultimate sign of maturity: an insurance card.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

“Can I get a primary care doctor, can I get a dentist, probably a specialist and a therapist?” he says, as he mimics the lyrics and cadence from the aforementioned song. We prefer this version, to be honest. It is a bit more relatable to us than it probably is to the younger viewers. The stitch has since received over 12 million views, which is awesome to see.

Everyone loves a good generational gap video, no matter which side of the divide you might be on. After all, the horrors of aging come for all of us eventually and there is no need to get too worked up about it in either direction. After all, it’s all mind over matter anyways.

Photo: TikTok/@nerdspeech

The comments were hilarious and we could not stop laughing. “As a 93 baby this is my year to start taking vitamins and exercise seriously lol,” said one viewer. Meanwhile, others cracked jokes about the difficulties that are typically associated with the navigation of the American health system. “Can you make sure they’re in network with $0 copay?” asked one very wise viewer.


#stitch with @manderson007 your 30s is when your body starts needing maintenance 🤣🤣 #healthcare #doctor #dentist #therapist #therapy #health #fyp #popculture #trending

♬ original sound – Derek

Which side of the coin are you on? Let us know!