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With the holidays pretty much over, it’s most likely that we’ll be seeing yet another round of lockdowns coming on. And lockdown in wintertime has the capacity of being cold, dark, and depressing. However, there seems to be the answer to our quarantine needs. And it is perfect! It is the “Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed.”

Essentially, this bed is indeed the ultimate bed in that it has everything that you need – you would never have to leave! It’s definitely perfect for quarantine life at home, as it transitions from day to night and back again, being a bed and a couch and a home office, all in one. According to the makers of the furniture piece, which is perfectly named the “I’ve Given Up,” it is an “adult playground.”

The couch comes in an array of different colors as well we fabrics, so you can tailor it to your home needs. The couch has a built-in recliner with nine massage modes. There are two plush seats as well, and there is a table that has a variety of snack holders. The left side of it has a movable desk platform with enough space for a laptop. There are even Bluetooth-enabled speakers! But the functionality doesn’t stop there. There is even shelving for books or other items, as well as plenty of storage space, a charging port for your electronics, a reading lamp, and even what is called an “air cleaning system” – whatever that is about.

The whole point of this furniture item is to never again have to leave the comfort of your bed – and given the year that it’s been, we can definitely get behind this. It is great for anyone, but those who are living in a residence with limited space, like a studio apartment, could definitely benefit from the ample storage that it provides.

Check out the video below:

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