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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most unique entertainers in the whole world. He’s a man that is known to wear a very wide range of hats. He even started his own tequila brand!

Of course, if you know about the new tequila company that he is responsible for, you also know that he is quite good at taking shots. To prove himself, he decided to take part in the tequila shot challenge that was circulating TikTok.

Photo: flickr/Eric Driggers

fiajames_ is the TikTok user who issued the challenge, as she dared people to take a shot of tequila on camera without making any sort of face.

The Rock decided to show off his new Teremana tequila and we weren’t surprised that he could down shots like a pro. He seems like the type! However, even we didn’t expect how good he’d be at drinking tequila.

Photo: TikTok/therock

Not only did he down a shot of tequila without making a face, but he downed a whole bottle! He didn’t make a single face during the whole video – except for a giant smile.


I’ll take the tequila shot challenge….with a smile😉🥃 #teremana #tequilashots

♬ original sound – Fia James

While most people were madly impressed with his tequila-drinking skills, others were convinced he filled the bottle with water prior to recording. After being accused of cheating the system, he re-posted the video to Instagram and used the hashtag #bottlefullofwater 😉.

Photo: Instagram/therock

No one is really sure if he did that to admit to cheating or if he was just messing with the haters, but either way it’s a fun video to watch!

What do you think of the video? Do you think The Rock is really drinking tequila or do you think it’s water? Let us know!

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